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Student Services


March 28 -

June 13, 2022


Adobe XD



User Research 


Low & High Fidelity




Student Services at Roseville provides home maintenance services, mainly ladder jobs for those who cannot physically or timely perform those tasks. The main goal for this project was to redesign the website in order to welcome visitors and leave the impression that Student Services at Roseville is a reliable company to ask to do house maintenance tasks. 

“You deserve to spend more time enjoying your home than working on it”

                                                                                    — Student Services at Roseville

The Problem

The main problem was how the website was displaying the company's services and benefits.

Some of the issues were:


1. Overwhelming pages – there were too many words per page
2. Unclear CTA
3. Extremely long landing page

     - all information was written in one page along with repetitive & unnecessary information
4. Benefits of the company was not pinpointed through use of hierarchy and color

Landing Page


The Solution

1. Use red for important buttons like the main CTAs
2. Shorten page content by distributing contents throughout different pages of the website

3. Clarify hierarchy and display important information close to the hero image

    --> Display what the company is offering as soon as the audience lands into the website

Target Audience

There are two target audience: 

1) age 70+ who cannot physically complete ladder related tasks

2) age 27-40 who does not have time to take care of house maintenance tasks

Grandma Gertrude
Mom Mary



Call Now

Claim a Free Quote

Main CTA


"About Us"

"Before and After the Service"


"FAQ" (max 5)

The wireframe focuses on differentiating each sections with a clear pattern throughout the website. This would allow users to more easily navigate throughout the website

Key Points:

  • Less words & clear Call To Action

  • Titled sections

  • Shorter FAQs

    • from 40+ to 5​

  • Shorter contents overall & 'learn more' button for more information

Low Fidelity

Hero image is important when it comes to representing the company and its' values. The original hero image was a bird's-eye-view of a small neighbor. However, using a more positive image that shows happiness of a family would convey the company's values more.

Key Points:

  • 'Services' is right below the hero image for easier access to services

  • Sticky CTA at the top for constant exposure to the users

  • Images displaying before and after the service

High Fidelity

As the designs were transferred from Adobe XD to WordPress, there had to be adjustments due to what was allowed on the WordPress platform.

  • 'Services' section was kept as how it originally was, and there were minor changes to fonts and button styles

  • The client wanted to keep both the history and about section together, so we agreed to keep both sections and keep them both short



After completing this project over the course of approximately 3 months, I learned a lot of things that is required outside of just designing alone.

  1. Designing on different platforms like WordPress requires appropriate accommodation depending on what is possible on that specific platform

  2. Having two target audience requires extra attention on wording and content emphasis​​

  3. Teamwork greatly improves work productivity and results acheived


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